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9th October 2012
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This well established company team up with Cisco and Checkpoint security to offer clients the latest and best firewalls and security systems for their PCs and laptops. If you contact iCEWYCHE they will review your online security, ensure your valuable data is protected, and any financial transactions made online are safe and secure.

iCEWYCHE also discourage the use of basic passwords when creating logins online. Although it makes passwords easy to remember, using the same one for all your emails, accounts, and social networking sites makes it easy for hackers to access your information. Try to avoid using easy number combinations, names or simple words. iCEWYCHE recommend substituting numbers for letter where possible (for example ‘freddie’ would become ‘fr3dd13’), and also to add in capital letters, or if possible a random symbol at the end. You may even want to pick a memorable sentence and construct your password using the first letter of each word; not so guessable anymore!

For online security and all kinds of I.T expertise, contact the team at iCEWYCHE and make the most of their years of experience, and glowing testimonials!

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