12 tips that make a great employee
8th October 2012
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1. Make to-do lists in advance – this way you won’t waste valuable time making one during your busy day.

2. Get enough sleep – getting in plenty of Z’s is proven to make you work more efficiently, ‘nuff said!

3. Don’t hit snooze – delaying the pain of getting up only sets you up for a fall, get up on your first alarm and set the standard for the day.

4. Exercise early – this will improve your energy levels (and most likely your mood!) for the rest of the day, making you more productive and upbeat.

5. Have a few minutes to yourself in the morning – experts believe having some quiet ‘me time’ in the morning before work is can be great for well being.

6. Eat breakfast – you may be sick of hearing it, but it’s true. Taking a few minutes to grab something to eat in the morning will fuel your body for the day ahead.

7. Be on time – no one wants to start the day with the stress of being late and most likely a telling off from the boss too!

8. Check in regularly with colleagues/bosses to make sure tasks are being done efficiently – work can be done more effectively when everyone is in tune and working at the same pace.

9. Put big tasks first – don’t shy away from the daunting things on your to-do list, get them done first and the rest will seem like a breeze.

10. If you can, make meetings in the afternoon – don’t waste the morning as this is your most productive time, so get important tasks done bright and early!

11. Set aside specific time to answer emails/messages – we all know how quickly messages build up in our inboxes, and answering them at intervals during the day can waste more time than necessary, so put aside a specific period to get them all answered at once.

12. Take regular breaks to recoup – even if it’s to send a personal text or check facebook, little bits of personal time can be vital for concentration and well being!


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