Which Toothpaste Should You Use?
4th July 2017
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Eating the right things and avoiding the wrong food items and sticky sweets is a good way to protect teeth, however, maintaining good oral hygiene is important and that means brushing, and flossing, plus regular dental inspections by the Professionals at Pembrokeshire Dental Care.


Local Pharmacy shelves are full of toothpaste varieties, so what is best for you?

Which one should we buy? Do we need tartar control? Cavity protection? Whitening? Sensitive? All of them rolled into one? The combinations on offer can make it hard to decide which one is right for us.

In fact,

Most toothpaste contain the same basic ingredients:

Detergent to kill bacteria, and generate froth so that we gain the impression that the toothpaste is working.

Thickening agents to give it it’s creamy usable paste.

Artificial Sweeteners and Flavourings to make the toothpaste palatable and to freshen the mouth, a minty taste is a good example.

An anti-drying agent that stops the toothpaste from drying out and being unusable.

Abrasives to scrub the debris from your teeth and give that smooth on the tongue feeling,

Fluoride to protect your teeth from cavity making plaque by making acids that will strengthen the tooth enamel that protects the teeth.

Active ingredients can be added to this mixture to combat specific dental problems. For example:

Sensitive teeth, toothpaste contains active ingredients that help to numb the pain when hot or cold substances hit the sensitive areas of a tooth. However, if your teeth are very sensitive it might be a sign that you have dental problems that require attention, so it’s worth seeing your dentist to find out the underlying cause.

Tartar Control, Tartar is a hard substance that forms on the teeth when plaque is not properly removed through brushing, particularly along the gum line. Tartar control toothpaste has active ingredients that help prevent plaque from becoming tartar but if you already have tartar on your teeth you will need to have it removed by the dentist, it’s such a hard material that toothpaste alone will not remove it.

Whitening, the trend for brighter whiter teeth has meant that toothpaste manufacturers have introduced many more of these products in recent years. They contain abrasive ingredients that work by scratching the surface of the enamel to remove stains and can whiten teeth to a degree. However, there are concerns that long-term use can result in thinning of the protective enamel and it can also dull veneers and crowns. A more effective alternative is to visit your dentist and ask about the professional tooth whitening procedures they offer.

Children's teeth, it is important that children use a toothpaste specifically designed for them.

One easy additional precaution that one can take is to buy a new toothbrush regularly as they can become worn down with use.

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