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Job opportunity with a great local business who are going from strength to strength. First posted February 17th 2017
It’s been a long time since all most people wanted were their two front teeth...
Bedrooms are of major significance in any home, they can be a haven of peace and tranquillity away from the madding rush of life, a boudoir for the lady of the house, a family place where youngsters can chill after school, and the place for visitors to sleep when in residence.
Having a good night’s sleep is not just one of life’s pleasures but it is essential to general good health and wellbeing, having the right bed for you is also important.
The clocks have gone back and there are only a few weeks left before Christmas. All the more reason to start enjoying some seasonal fare, getting out and about is fun even during the shorter days when venues light the log burners and get snug inside whatever is going on outside.
Before engaging a builder to work on your home, or another property, it is important to know who they are, how reliable are they and how competent they are. Why would anyone allow a builder who cannot answer these questions readily give them access to your home?
Planning, planning, planning. Modern kitchens require professional design because they are a major part of home life, meeting place, eating space, food storage and preparation space etc. Effective kitchen design needs to address a number of issues and we offer a few pointers to assist.
Half-term is almost upon us and it is time to let your hair down and have some fun. So what is there to do?
Definitely and here’s why; Here at Pembrokeshire Dental Centre we realise the importance of visiting the dentist while you are pregnant in order to maintain nice healthy teeth and gums.
Why learn to Nordic Walk
Why learn to Nordic Walk
As an activity for the wider population Nordic walking it is not much more than 20 years old. Prior to this a similar activity was engaged in as an exclusive advanced training trick for keen cross country skiers who wanted to get a head start on dry land before the snows came.
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