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15th October 2014
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With the nights drawing in and the weather turning dismal, the lure of comfort food grows ever stronger. Somehow the leek and bacon flan with healthy greeney salady goodness looks a lot less appetising than, say, a warm and savoury risotto, or fish pie or other downright carby goodness.

Enter, stage left, a new old delicious friend. Wensleydale Blue. Of solid ancestry, Wensleydale was originally a blue cheese, like stilton, which gradually lost its tangy veins and became the white and lovely cheese we know today.

Wensleydale Blue itself is beautifully made, wrapped in its muslin nightgown, and matured in who knows what mysterious caverns in Yorkshire, carefully checked by dedicated cheese elves. What arrives at your cheese counter is a perfectly ready, delicately tangy cheese.

Like all good hard blue cheeses, she is best at room temperature, with a crisp apple or pear to add a hint of sweetness to the taste, and a crackingly good ale to seal the experience. Maybe a handful of freshly cracked walnuts, or some good bread, perhaps a slice of Yorkshire ham...

As ever, I think that a cheese should be capable of adding that transformative tang to a supper, to turn it from the humdrum to delicously good and Wensleydale Blue performs this task with panache. I made some fresh beef burgers the other night and added a nugget of blue to the centre of each patty. Gently pan fried or baked, the burger was lifted to a higher plane, with its own velvety, tangy sauce. Served with sauteed sweet potatoes and french beans, it was a winner.

Crumbled on top of roasted mushrooms or added to a creamy butternut squash risotto and you have perfect, toothsome comfort food. Wensleydale Blue is available to taste before you buy, from our Delicatessen on the Bailey Head, along with our other carefully selected cheeses, cooked hams and artisan bread.

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