Oswestry Cheese of the Month from Radford’s Fine Foods - June – part 1
11th June 2014
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In a nod to the World Cup and our footballing rivals and cheesemongers over the water, this month’s cheese is the lovely, runny, smelly, unctuousness that is Camembert.  If you love pungent cheese with a velvety texture slathered over crusty French bread or a Walnut Sourdough, this is le fromage for you.

We could just stop it there, but camembert love won’t let us.  Camembert is the cheese that keeps on giving – from a young chalky slightly unripe firm cheese which goes great with a fine French lager and some charcuterie and ripe tomatoes to  the said slathering on bread washed down with wine, its the cheese we most associate with those mythical summer holidays in a bergere in a sleepy riverside ville en france.

Love your camembert well and it will reward you richly.  Don’t be tempted to put unripe camembert in the fridge, otherwise it won’t mature.  Keep it in a cool place for a few days before consuming. It is at it’s optimum when you cut into it wobbles and oozes very gently and is a creamy golden colour.    

Camembert is brilliant baked and this recipe from Jamie Oliver is a beautiful dish for a pre- match supper.

Bon appétit!

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