Oswestry Cheese of the Month from Radfords Fine Foods – October
6th October 2015
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Hurrahh!  We’re back with an absolutely stunning selection of cheeses to mull over.  Over the coming months we’ll taste and talk about the wonderful tasty cheeses available at our Deli on the Square.

This month its all about The White Lady.  Not a local ghost but a beautiful creamy sheep's brie from Norfolk.

Farmer and Cheesemaker Jane Murray farms her herd of British Friesland Dairy Ewes on the wet and rich Black Fens of Norfolk.

Her Cheese is made with vegetarian rennet and is mould ripened to reach its distinctive taste.  As a young hard cheese the taste is slightly sharp with a nice teeth biting chalkiness, but like all of the best brie she softens down to a melting creamy tenderness, with a subtle tangy depth.

What to do with such a sophisticated Norfolk White Lady?  A glass of white wine, some soft ham, crusty bread perhaps, would be perfect for the autumnal garden tidy Sundays (if blessed with fine weather). 

Baked with the tiny season-end tomatoes in small pastry cases, along with a soft salad for lunch.

A large meltingly tender slice allowed to melt over a piping hot baked potato for the Saturday night TV Dinner.

So many choices for such a lovely cheese!

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