Consumers don't trust etailers to deliver on time for Xmas
28th November 2011
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Consumers don't trust etailers to deliver on time for Xmas

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I've just read an interesting post on the Econsultancy blog that said that the majority of last minute shoppers don't expect their online orders to be delivered in time for Christmas.

The numbers:

46% expect to leave gift shopping to the last minute, though expectations for delivery aren't great. Just 33% expect that last minute orders will arrive on time.40% don't trust the retailer to deliver on time, but are willing to give it a go.27% expect last minute orders to be late. The remarkable thing is that despite this pessimism about delivery, almost half of consumers surveyed intended to shop at the last minute.

So what should retailers do? Well, given that half their shoppers will be making late purchases and most of them have low expectations, it is important to prominently promote your Christmas delivery schedule. Have a look at what John Lewis do. On their home page they have a link taking you to their Christmas delivery page. You can also stretch your last date for purchase a bit by promoting online purchase but instore collection.

Setting final days for purchase serves two purposes.

It acts as an incentive to act sooner rather than later. It manages expectations. So the message is get a clear Christmas deliver link or message on your home page now. Read the whole blog post on Econsultancy.


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