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Equity release is a way to release funds from a property you own. It’s something that older people tend to opt for when they are rich in assets, but poorer in cash. It isn’t always a preferable option, as the loans are paid back after their death reducing the value of the assets they may leave to loved ones. The options for equity release often come with high fees, again reducing what you’re able to leave behind.
We consume a range of different foods each day and it’s difficult to believe that some foods are actually beneficial to our teeth and the overall hygiene levels within our mouths. The most powerful and constant messages we receive about maintaining good teeth and keeping our mouths hygienic and healthy are to brush our teeth twice daily and that sugar damages our teeth.
You won’t have to be if you visit Harbour Dental Care and receive a treatment from Sandra before you go in to the dentist’s chair.
Choosing a Financial Adviser
Choosing a Financial Adviser
While some people may feel they'll never need a financial advisor, or believe they are savvy enough not to need one, there will often be times in your life when it becomes prudent to seek their services.
So, you’ve decided on your dream kitchen and are looking forward to it being fully installed but first you’ve got to get through the refit process.
Going to the dentist should be something that is done regularly but many of us put it off.
New Pension Freedoms
New Pension Freedoms
What do the new pension changes mean for you?
For many of us, if we want a new piece of furniture then we go to our local Ikea, B&Q or Homebase etc. and get something mass produces, often not too expensive and that we have to fight to put together.
Most people dread going to the dentist and only visit when they have toothache.
What does a land surveyor do?
What does a land surveyor do?
Have you got a problem with your neighbours regarding boundaries or do you need a plan of your landholding drawn up professionally? If so then a land surveyor is who you need!
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