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When we hear the words financial adviser, the first thing that comes to our minds is a service that only wealthy people avail and can afford. What we don’t know is that financial advisers are more than just a status quo that people can attain once they pay someone to manage their own money. Financial advisers can do a lot of wonders even for ordinary people and here are the reasons why you should consult one.
Being financially literate can do a lot of wonders for our lives. We can manage our finances better and we can be prepared for times when life happens (aka emergencies). If you don’t have sufficient knowledge in managing your finances, that’s the time that you can ask for a financial advisor’s help
Some people are sceptical about using a financial advisor; not only are they expensive but the advice they give may not be a sound choice for you! There are occasions, however, that seeking financial advice is a necessity.
You know you need financial advice but you simply aren’t quite sure whether you need an Independent or a Restricted Financial Advisor. If this sounds like you, then carry on reading as we look at the differences between them, what each of them do and how they can help you; a guide which will enable you to decide which is more appropriate to your needs.
To paraphrase Mark Twain, have reports that email newsletters are dead been greatly exaggerated? Three reasons - and some powerful statistics - say 'yes they have...'
Local, independent businesses are vital to Ipswich. They are the life blood of our High Street and Ipswich. They provide the variety, choice, personal service and, most importantly, employment so are vital to keep Ipswich vibrant.
Jennifer Luu, a sixth form pupil at Copleston School, has been selected to represent both Ipswich and the East Anglia Region in the Lions Clubs International Young Ambassador Competition.
An ambitious scheme to boost creative industries in Ipswich has been officially launched. More than 150 guests attended an event at the Town Hall to hear from the partners behind the scheme.
If you want to find out more about running your own business, an event in Ipswich this month is a must.
Are You Social Media Savvy?
Are You Social Media Savvy?
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