Harbour Dental Care voted a Most Loved Business in National Competition
3rd March 2014
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February has always been a special time of year for all those in love. It is a time when loved ones go out of their way to show they care. And that’s just what Kevin Barber has been encouraging local people to do in Ipswich. 

Harbour Dental Care have been doing the same and made an extra effort to show how much they are appreciated and loved locally and have won the title as the Most Loved  business in Ipswich.

1st Harbour Dental Care

2nd Office Drinks

3rd Relax

4th New Wolsey Theatre

5th Home Store

6th Michael Richards

7th Melverley Guest House

8th Barton Electrical

9th ZAP Experience

10th Aqua Eight

The Local & Loved awards have seen the best businesses across the UK go head to head to earn the title of "The Most Loved Business in the UK". For the 14 days leading up to Valentine's Day consumers had the chance to review their favourite local businesses reinvigorating and raising the profile of their local community.

During the competition tens of thousands of reviews were added equating to one every 11 seconds as the contest reached its crescendo.

The locals here in Ipswich have really done their bit. Several of the Most Loved Businesses in the UK come from Ipswich:-

  • Meverley Guest House - 2nd B & B and guest houses
  • Relax @ Harbour Dental Care - 2nd Alternative health
  • BKP Limousines - 2nd Limousine hire
  • New Wolsey Theatre - 2nd Theatres
  • Office Drinks (Ipswich Town and Waterfront) - 3rd Business networking
  • HomeStore - 3rd Storage services
  • Harbour Dental Care - 4th Dentists
  • Lattice Lodge - 4th B & B and guest houses
  • AquaEight - 5th Fine dining restaurant
  • Barton Electrical - 5th Electricians

The campaign set up by Kevin Barber at the best of Ipswich said, "It has been so exciting to see such a huge number of people actively talking about the great local businesses and demonstrating their feelings by voting in the Local & Loved campaign. It just goes to show how much our communities are supporting their local independent businesses, which is great news for our local area. Independent businesses are at the heart of our Town and lots of local business owners and their loyal staff are feeling great today because their efforts have been recognised and appreciated by so many of their loyal customers."

Malcolm Harbour of Harbour Dental Care Ipswich's most loved business said the following; "It's so rewarding and a real honour to see how much our customers value what we do. It is great to see people coming out to support local businesses. We are hoping that this Local & Loved campaign becomes a whole year of love for ourselves and other local businesses too, indeed if this is the case whilst we might be winners, in the long run so will all local businesses in Ipswich"

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