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Harbour Dental Care is proud to announce that we have passed the recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection carried out in January 2013, with flying colours! Great to see an Ipswich based business achieving excellence..Well done to the team at Harbour Dental Care, one of the best dental practices in town.
While Mo Farah is breaking records elsewhere, the free community event runners have broken the long distance tape in just 22 runs in Chantry Park. Now, organisers of the 5k runs are sending participants on tour … to Christchurch Park, where, from Saturday 2nd March, runners, joggers, buggy pushers, dog owners and walkers can take part each Saturday starting at 9am. This “tour” will last for a couple of months and all the runs are free.
The number of small businesses joining the Fresh Ways to Work project is growing and we have recently received a number of match-funded grant applications for company pool bikes, showers and other facilities.
Fresh Ways to Work has access to a match-funded grant to help support greener travel for 80 Suffolk based businesses. The grants may be used for shower installation for those walking, running or cycling to working, cycle racks, pool bikes.....No reasonable idea refused!
Ipswich's first park run
Ipswich's first park run
It wasn't all about cycling in Suffolk this weekend – more than 100 runners took part in Ipswich's first Park Run.
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