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Oral health is too important to ignore, one’s Dentist can not only look after tooth health but can keep an eye on other important developments too.
Having white teeth is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways on boosting one’s confidence without having to change much in his or her appearance. With this in mind, a lot of products came out in the market selling whiter teeth can be achieved in the comforts of your own home at a much cheaper price. This is proven to be tempting for most people but having your teeth cleaned by a professional will give you a more satisfying result.
Dentists help in making sure that our dental health is in tiptop shape. Whenever we experience toothaches or we need alterations for our crooked teeth, dentists are there to help us. However, other people tend to avoid dental appointments until they start to feel pain and notice hard plaque sticking to their teeth.
Are you in need of a check up on your teeth from a dentist in Ipswich?
We consume a range of different foods each day and it’s difficult to believe that some foods are actually beneficial to our teeth and the overall hygiene levels within our mouths. The most powerful and constant messages we receive about maintaining good teeth and keeping our mouths hygienic and healthy are to brush our teeth twice daily and that sugar damages our teeth.
You won’t have to be if you visit Harbour Dental Care and receive a treatment from Sandra before you go in to the dentist’s chair.
Going to the dentist should be something that is done regularly but many of us put it off.
Most people dread going to the dentist and only visit when they have toothache.
Harbour Dental Care is proud to announce that we have passed the recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection carried out in January 2013, with flying colours! Great to see an Ipswich based business achieving excellence..Well done to the team at Harbour Dental Care, one of the best dental practices in town.
While Mo Farah is breaking records elsewhere, the free community event runners have broken the long distance tape in just 22 runs in Chantry Park. Now, organisers of the 5k runs are sending participants on tour … to Christchurch Park, where, from Saturday 2nd March, runners, joggers, buggy pushers, dog owners and walkers can take part each Saturday starting at 9am. This “tour” will last for a couple of months and all the runs are free.
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