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Henley-on-Thames - the myths
Henley-on-Thames - the myths
Some common misconceptions of the residents of Henley-on-Thames need to be challenged.
Some of our members are facing the challenge of dealing with flooding as we start 2014
This Sunday 8th September, Henley-on-Thames will host the third Challenge Henley event. For some this is a chance to prove their physical prowess in the picturesque Chilterns for others it is a nuisance that makes them prisoners in their own homes. What is your view?
Henley Area Road Closures
Henley Area Road Closures
Plan your journey and avoid the road closures in and around Henley-on-Thames this August 2013
Henley Royal Regatta and the Henley Festival means only one thing-Empty Bottles. But where to get rid of them?
We'd like to share with you an interesting article written by Nigel Botterill, founder of the best of and the Entrepreneurs Circle.
Did you see the media frothing at their collective mouth about bank worker Katie Furlong who was sacked after boasting about her £6,000 redundancy payout from the Royal Bank of Scotland on Facebook? Was she unfairly treated? Gap HR thinks not - read more!
Now we are back in the time of snow, a good time to clarify what employers have to pay employees if they are unable to get into work, even for circumstances outside their control.
In a timely post Berkshire HR expert Carolyne Wahlen of Gap HR performs her normal preventative HR approach with this blog about the implementation of the new Equality Act and what it means for employers.
No matter how long you have worked for a company, you have rights. Don't just walk away if they make you redundant! Employment law is there to protect you and make the employer act fairly!
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