Ten Green Bottles-More Recycling Bins Needed in Henley
10th July 2013
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Come on South Oxfordshire District Council don't you realise how much drinking goes on in Henley this time of year. With the Regatta and the Henley Festival Henley residents consume vast amounts of Pimms, champagne, wine and beer. Most of these drinks are dispensed from glass bottles and when it comes to recycling the bottles Henley is woefully short of recycling bins.

As my home green bin is full up with cardboard and other materials I like to recycle my bottles at a local recycling bin. However they seem to be disappearing in Henley. There used to be one at Tesco's-no more. Now the bins at Gillotts have been removed. The only bins left in Henley seem to be at Waitrose car park.

When I tried to dispose of some bottles this morning the bins were rammed full.Many boxes and bags full of bottles have been left by the side of the bins. This can lead to breakage and the associated dangers of cut glass.

Why have we lost many of our recycling bins when we are being encouraged to recycle more of our waste? OK you can put them in your home green bin, but our green bin is full every fortnight with other recyclables. SODC either empty the recycling bins more regularly or give us back our bins around town. It is too far to drive to Oakley Wood with just bottles. That is not environmentally friendly.

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