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If you’re working to a marketing plan it can sometimes be difficult to maintain momentum throughout the year, particularly if some elements run over time or budget.
This week I read a blog from Econsultancy about the importance of achieving the right tone of voice for your brand, and it started with the line 'The way a person speaks is one of the first things people notice'.
Whether you’re using Twitter for business or personal use, growing your followers is fundamental to increasing your influence, generating interest and, perhaps ultimately, converting interest into sales.
As a small business, getting your message out to your customers and prospects is amazingly cost effective if you harness the power of social media....
We've all been there; looming deadlines, conflicting priorities, too much to do in too little time....
What is a Twitter Chat?
What is a Twitter Chat?
If you’re active on Twitter you’ve probably noticed plenty of #Hashtag chats and wondered what they’re about and how you join in.
Why use a copywriter?
Why use a copywriter?
Words are powerful, so it's important to get yours right....
Understanding the Twitter environment will help you get involved and, ultimately, convert followers into customers.
If you're planning a career move or are using other social media channels for your business, your LinkedIn profile should not be overlooked
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