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Lisa Christmas is a recommended copywriter, proof reader and social media expert in Fleet, Hampshire. Lisa Christmas's copywriting has helped companies in Fleet, Hampshire and surrounding areas to stand out from the crowd. Lisa can provide advice on social media and manage social media accounts and provide proof reading services to ensure your copy is error free.

Words matter.

Whether you want your website written to stand out or literature explaining your product or service in compelling terms, a good copywriter brings your proposition to life in the minds of your customers. This could lead to more enquiries, help provide a competitive edge and save you time.

Lisa Christmas is an experienced copywriter with extensive agency experience and has worked with both large and small clients at all levels.

Lisa has written feature articles for air conditioning, hotel and self build magazines, press releases to launch new products and businesses, property brochures, data sheets on high-level global banking solutions, regular direct mail letters and emailers plus exhibition graphic panels relating to electron microscopes and airlines.

She has also recently completed two projects writing copy for new UK rail industry and air conditioning trade advertising campaigns for separate Hitachi business groups.

Lisa’s services include:

  • Literature and brochures: From writing material for the luxury property market to detailed technical brochures, Lisa is able to take your information and turn it into persuasive communication which will complement the supporting images and enhance your company’s brand image.
  • Website copy: Lisa’s services include creating new web text, reviewing and updating existing web pages and creating text for new pages to integrate seamlessly with your current site. Lisa’s experience also means that she will ensure that your web copy integrates your keywords to improve your company’s search engine ranking.
  • Proof reading: There’s nothing worse than printing material or publishing a web page to find there’s a spelling mistake – or worse still to have a potential customer notice first! Lisa can make sure your material is accurate and, for larger companies, that it uses the correct tone of voice and meets your house style.
  • Ensuring all your communication is consistent: in larger companies more people are communicating on your behalf - sending emails, letters, updating your website, or posting to your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Lisa can audit your communications and provide guidance to ensure you’re all communicating in the same ‘tone of voice’.
  • Social media management: Lisa can also manage your social media for you, ensuring that your communication is relevant, engaging and effective.

Using Lisa’s services means your communication will:

  • Be relevant and focused on what matters most to your customers (not to you) – sometimes it’s difficult to identify what’s most important when you are immersed in your business but Lisa provides a fresh perspective to distil all the information into the messages that will really make a difference.
  • Be effective with messages that are precise, to the point and achieve the desired effect.
  • Be written in the right way for that medium ensuring that each message helps you to get the right result whether that is website text that really engages your audience or increases your followers on Twitter.
  • Allow you to get on with other things and save you time – no more writing and re-writing for hours on end and it’s still ‘not quite right’.

Today people are very busy and bombarded with messages which means that your communication has to work harder. Using Lisa’s copywriting services means your communication will be far more effective, making the right first impression and helping you to stand out from your competitors.

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