Spend less of your time to get great results from Social Media
7th September 2015
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Here are some smart ways you can save time with social media publishing so you can post your content more frequently:

Recycle successful posts. If you had a good response - replies, retweets, favourites, link clicks - repost the same content, as long as it's still relevant.

Write multiple posts to promote the same content. If you've taken the time to write a blog or are running a special offer or promotion, write a few posts to present the same content in diffent ways, appealing to a variety of audiences.

Schedule posts for the week ahead then you can concentrate on retweeting or replying to @mentions rather than posting fresh content.

Start a spreadsheet where you save successful or recurring posts for republishing in the future. This is great for repeat offers, courses, famous quotes, regular events and relevant #hashtags as you only need cut and paste, or edit and paste.

Appoint someone to produce content for you. This could be a member of staff, a freelancer like me or an agency who can either write a set of tweets for you to post when you want, or manage the whole process for you for a monthly fee.


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