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Yes finally 5G has arrived in the UK and the first 5G mobile plans are available.
If you run an on-line business – the fraudsters are probably watching you – why?
You need a new laptop – but which one –big decision
The current prediction for this years summer is Hot Hot Hot, but with warm weather come thunderstorms.
We hear Prince Harry and Meghan are fans of technology – but will they still need a nanny?
OK so it’s not the year 2001 we are referring to, it’s the incredible film 2001 A Space Odyssey
Do you save your old PC’s or laptops like trophies – afraid to throw them away – just in case?
As we visit many customers we see lots of devices – and in lots of states. We’re not talking about the internal software here – we’re talking about the external appearance.
It feels as though 5G has been the topic of many news reports for the past few years, but we have yet to see the official release. A recent report claims that firms in South Korea have beaten the US to the post as they may be the first to roll out 5G. But do you know what 5G is?
Over the last decade businesses have become increasing reliant on computers, many businesses can now not function without the help of their PC’s. As more and more businesses move towards being technology driven, companies now store important data, logins and private documents on their machines. Just like anything people have targeted this, and we are now in the era of data hacking and ransomware. It is therefore vital that every business now invests in computer security.
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