Don’t Trash It – there’s still life in the old PC or LAPTOP yet!!
19th April 2019
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Do you save your old PC’s or laptops like trophies – afraid to throw them away – just in case?

You’ll be pleased you did as there is probably a lot of life still left in the machines.

I recently read a great article from Eric Griffith at UKPCMag. He gives 15 suggestions as to how to adapt your old machines to save them from the crusher.

OK – for some you will need to have a reasonable IT background to undertake – but others should not be too difficult to do.

And some could be fun.

How about your own unique art installation?

Revive your love of the old-school gaming – how great was Super Mario!

Love load music – turn it up to 11 as a guitar amplifier.

And you (or your old machine) could be the first to discover extra-terrestrial life!

And – some could be really useful such as a security cam – or a perhaps with a little work it could be passed on to someone else for their enjoyment.

Read the full article:

Avoid the Trash Heap: 15 Great Uses for an Old PC

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