You need a new laptop – but how do you choose?
29th May 2019
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You’ve made the decision, it’s time to get a new laptop – but which one – there are so many out there how do you choose?

With many of us using our laptops for a multitude of tasks it can be difficult to give a specific definition of what we want it for – so here are 5 questions which WHICH? have come up with.


  1. MONEY – Yes the money question, what do you WANT to spend and how much do you NEED to spend?
  2. OPERATING SYSTEM – If you have been raised on Windows then you probably can’t imagine life without it – but there are other OS’s you could consider – MACOS and CHROMEOS.
  3. POWER –  (the RAM question) – too small and you’ll might be disappointed – too big and it’s wasted.
  4. SCREEN SIZE – is bigger better? Depends on what you want to use it for.
  5. STORAGE – If you spend all your time on the web – do you really want lots of storage space?

Take a few minutes and think about each of these questions. You may be surprised at what you really need.

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