Computer Security: How Applewood IT can help your business. #Surrey
29th March 2019
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Over the last decade businesses have become increasing reliant on computers, many businesses can now not function without the help of their PC’s. As more and more businesses move towards being technology driven, companies now store important data, logins and private documents on their machines. Just like anything else people have targeted this, and we are now in the era of data hacking and ransomware. It is therefore vital that every business now invests in computer security.

Why should you have computer security?

As a reliable company, you want your reputation to stay intact. If you are handling sensitive customer data and this is stolen from you, chances are customers will not use your business again.

There will also be companies that are more vulnerable then others. If you handle any bank details or store credit card numbers your business is the prime target of hackers. Due to this you must have computer security in place, or your company could be left with a massive financial loss.

Large business are also more common targets of hackers. It is no secret how much data large companies are holding and due to this you are more at risk of being hacked. If you company is a well-known brand it is pivotal your have systems in place to keep the trust in place with your customers.

How can Applewood IT help?

At Applewood IT we understand that security is of the utmost priority. You need to know your business is safe and the data you are handling is protected. If you choose our security services, we’ll undertake a full review of your business needs and advise you on the level of confidentiality required for your data. We can also then use our expertise of the products and methods available to protect your business from breaches or data losses.


Our security services include: a protection, firewalls, internet content filtering, disk encryption, email encryption, strong password implementation, certified Internet certificates, strong firewall /DMZ environment.


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