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✍️Writing content or thinking of something to put out in your socials can feel like it comes naturally one day and then horribly challenging the next.
A multimedia & interactive workshop to build your #speakperformance skills when delivering online / recording for social media etc, so aimed at those who are presenting online for business and recognise they need to up their performance.
Want to learn the fundamental tips of speaking in public – pick up a copy of Ges Ray’s new book or tune in on Audible
Google my business - be aware that just because you have a listing, doesn’t mean it’s “job done”.
If customers find it hard to understand the point you’re trying to make or the message you’re wanting to get across, it’s really easy for them to move on to someone else.
Marketing Tip – Nifty Images
Marketing Tip – Nifty Images
There’s an average of 121 emails dropping into each of our inboxes every day! So getting people to open (and take notice of) your content is more difficult than ever
When we communicate through the written word alone, it's really hard to build relationships -especially in business.
if there has ever been a more apparent time to talk about change, it is now.
🤷‍♂‍ It used to be a well-worn saying, adapted from department store magnate John Wanamaker, - “Half my advertising works and half doesn’t, but I just don’t know which is which”.🤷‍♂‍
The real difference is in how smart business owners have structured their organisations, so they spend their time growing the business. 📈
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