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Marketing Tips – Awards
Marketing Tips – Awards
Too many local businesses are being too modest. And it’s affecting their turnover and profit!
Want to learn the fundamental tips of speaking in public – pick up a copy of Ges Ray’s new book
If you’re lucky enough to have a decent beach holiday, chances are you will encounter a group of individuals who make their living walking along the beach selling items to willing sun worshippers.
Getting new people to discover you and enquire with you, let alone buy from you, can be hard
Despite all the modern changes businesses have had to adapt to, the basic rules of business never change. Perception is still everything.
Employers will be required to pay out increased rates to staff on ‘family friendly’ leave or sickness absence from April 2020.
A referral campaign can work wonders for your business. If it’s done correctly.
It’s the season to be merry and jolly and that means a word of warning from your HR advisors about the company Christmas party.
😴 We’re living in an age of videos. Dare I say a lazy age?
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