Your Business Marketing Plan for Eastbourne
24th July 2015
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So you want to grow your business but can't seem to attract the right types of customer? Perhaps you are spending too much on advertising in the WRONG places. The following will help you shape YOUR business marketing to give you a better chance at attracting the customers you want.

Define YOUR market

Before doing ANYTHING else you should spend time on thinking about who you are looking to attract as your perfect customer. A great way to do this is creating your marketing avatar. You avatar should include the following:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Life Circumstances
  • Income
  • Biggest frustrations
  • History
  • Aspirations

Remember the more specific you are in creating this profile the easier the following steps will be and the more rewarding you will find your business marketing.

What are you saying?

Having determined your marketing avatar you should now be choosing words and references they will understand. Better yet, using customer testimonials from similar types of people. We all feel more comfortable knowing that people just like us have had a positive experience before us.

Make sure your message is clear and appealing to your avatar. You might like to test this out before moving onto the final step and this is where most of your time and budget is getting wasted.

Not all media delivers!

Have you picked up a sales call offering you an exceptional deal to "buy advertising space" last minute at a greatly reduced rate? I know in my personal experience when I have "had a punt" the pay off has always been poor. Why? This is because if the media was right I would already be using it!

Possible media types to consider

  • Billboards
  • Directories
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • online web banner
  • Printed leaflets
  • Social Media
  • Trade shows

Please don't take this the wrong way I am not saying that ANY of the above do not work. They all serve a purpose but unless your potential customer is likely to use any of the above as their source of information, you could be wasting your precious marketing budget.

What to do now?

Spend time looking at your business plan. What are your financial objectives and just what level of sales do you need? When you know these numbers you are well armed to start thinking about what products you have for sale and who you most want to buy these from you.

Get your market identified, the message just right and the MOST effective media for your target audience!

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