Why Personalise Your Sender Name When Email Marketing?
22nd June 2021
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Over the last few weeks we’ve been highlighting some little tricks that can help you get better open rates and therefore better responses, from your email communications.
Well, we have one more technique that most businesses pay no attention to, but can really help catch people’s eye when they’re browsing their inbox.
It’s the “From” name.
The ‘from’ name is WHO the email comes from.
You can see from the image above that people take very different approaches to their ‘from’ names. (Most people put no thought into them whatsoever!)
The key here is that people RECOGNISE who you are. We don’t like to open emails from strangers!
So once you choose your ‘from’ name it’s best to be consistent with it.
We find the ‘From’ name that gets the most opens is:
David Ruddle thebestof Eastbourne
Who’d have thought?!
Using a real name as the ‘from’ name makes the email look and feel like a personal one.
Using just a company name screams ‘I AM AN AUTOMATED PROMOTIONAL EMAIL’ and will often decrease your open rates.
If you’re using a new name and want to avoid confusion then you could combine the two:
e.g David from thebestof Eastbourne
This can be a best of both worlds situation, because it remains personal, but also reminds people where we’re emailing from.
So give it a try! 
And give us shout if you want a reminder of the previous “tricks” that can help get more of your emails opened and read.
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