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7th March 2018
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This might sound a little biased but when you hear about a shop that has produced two or three winning lottery tickets you are more inclined to buy a ticket there. This also happens to be the case for Artemi Photography, for the second year a review for the business has produced a cash prize winner!

Last year’s winner Jaz opted to spend her prize with Artemi Photography for more photo’s but winners can choose other businesses they would like to spend the money with. We, of course, try to encourage them to spend the money with one of our business members.


This year the unsuspecting Dave P got a request from Sarah Walker-Bennett asking for help in her bid to win Business of the year for the second year. Dave left a review and most likely did not give it a second thought until he got a phone call from me…

When I called, I asked had he left a review for Artemi Photography and he said yes. Dave sounded a bit puzzled why I was calling but when I broke the news he was, in fact, a winner of this years £100 prize he was thrilled. We talked about where he might like to spend it and Dave said he would get back to me.

A few days later Dave confirmed the business and I arranged the purchase of £100 in vouchers! I asked Dave to comment on the experience and he said “it was great winning the Best of draw. Totally unexpected as I only submitted a review to support Sarah. But a lovely meal out was a great bonus"

A big thank you to all that left a review in Business of the Year 2018 there were well over 600 left which gave Dave odd of 600 to 1 to win! Pretty good odds compared to the lottery even if the prize is much smaller! Read the full story by Clicking Here

If you want to leave a review or recommend a business you stand a change each month as part of thebestof’s £100 monthly prize draw. So go on, leave a review or recommend a business next time it could be you! Like the lottery, if you don’t leave a review you have no chance at all of winning.

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