Why Is Your Image In Your Facebook Advert Letting You Down?
8th September 2020
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If you’ve struggled with Facebook Ads before or maybe you haven’t used them at all before but, know you should, then this week’s tip is perfect for you. 

You see, when used properly, Facebook Ads are a hugely powerful tool to help grow your business. Now we’re not going to bombard you with all the details of what should be done in a single email, but what we are going to talk about is one area that is usually the bit that has the least amount of time and thought put into it but is arguably the most important part.

The image.

It has ONE JOB:

To grab people's attention.

Your copy is there to 'sell' what you're selling - the image is there to stop people from scrolling and READ the words you've written.

If people don’t stop scrolling, they won’t read the copy.

So what makes a great and effective Facebook Ad image?


Facebook is a sea of blue, white and grey - so make your ad stand out by using bright colours. Yellow, red, pink and green work well. Try adding a colourful border or background too!

No Text 

People treat their Facebook Ad Image like a Newspaper ad... REMEMBER: the job of the image is not to SELL - it's to stop people from scrolling and get their attention. So if you're trying to add words selling things to your images you're going down the wrong route.

WARNING: If your ad has too much text in it Facebook will show it to less people (because they don't like images with text in either!).

NOT Boring 

This is the most important thing to consider when creating your images. Make sure they stand out, grab attention, and are completely 'un-scroll past-able'.


If your image looks like an ad, people will scroll past it (like an ad!). So for best results, use an image that could have been posted by friends and family and doesn't outright look like an advert with a bog standard stock image.

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