Why Do Businesses Only Care About Cyber Security Once They Get Hacked?
19th March 2019
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You know it’s an issue that should be right at the top of your agenda, but it can wait. You’ve got an important project on the go now and all of your business’s efforts are focused on delivering it. Except the ransomware attack happens a couple of weeks before you finish it.

Now it’s on your agenda.

Every single case of ransomware we have seen has been entirely preventable, it just wasn’t a high enough priority.

  • It is now for the care agency that lost their entire accounts system.
  • It is now for the retail company that lost their warehouse stock system
  • It is now for the business who lost £18k in invoice fraud
  • It is now for the printing business, but it’s too late, they ceased trading.

These are all projects we have worked, with companies who suddenly want to take their cyber security seriously.

It will happen to you unless you put it to the top of your agenda. Now.

We don’t need/cant afford to increase our technology budget

If we take small businesses as an example , sustainability and growth are key factors, certainly within a 5 year plan. Technology and security are often overlooked as an unnecessary expense, so they get put on a non-priority list and try to get by with the most basic setups possible.

It is often difficult to convince small businesses to invest their money into something that doesn’t on the surface of it, contribute  to a profit. However, if you suffered a cyber-attack  which resulted in downtime, reputational damage, not to mention the financial impact,  suddenly the extra security measures  become priceless.

Planning ahead will save you time and money in the long run, and cyber security is something your organisation should take seriously – sooner (like now) rather than later.

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