Why Buy Sea Bass from Eastbourne Fresh Local Fish?
23rd June 2020
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We’ve been doing some research into the sea bass we provide and the sea bass you purchase in super markets.
•90% of sea bass from supermarkets come from abroad mainly turkey & Greece and are farmed
• it takes up to 2 weeks for the ‘fresh sea bass’ to arrive to the supermarkets
• time it reaches your plate the nutrients are nearly none existent, the flavour just isn’t the same and being farmed is full of the un natural pellets and oils that they’ve been fed on.
• the fish prices per kilo in supermarkets are shocking- an example of this is in 1 high street supermarket a small 520g whole farmed sea bass from turkey - that’s been ‘packaged’ in the uk is sold at £12.50 per kilo. Filleted fish is even more starting at around £16 per kilo going up to nearly £30 again this is farmed fish from abroad.
The service we provide is uk wild sea bass caught locally and sustainably off our boats from the south coast - landed and sold the same day straight to your door at affordable prices - starting at £8!! Full of flavour and important nutrients! By purchasing our fish, you are also supporting your local fishermen!
Please bare this in mind before buying from supermarkets!
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