Who wants a job that pays them loads of money? Put your hands up?!!
8th November 2017
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I was reminded recently by the BBC telling the world who in their organisation earns more than £150k - and watching the rants and horror at these salaries being paid by us, the licence payer fill my social media feeds - that most people can't cope with others’ success.

When I was younger, we were brought up to have aspirations and believe that if you worked for it you could have anything you wanted.

We faced hardship, disappointments, huge failures and huge successes along the way and all of my peers aspired to different things.

Now a lot & I mean A LOT of candidates who we talk to when asked what their perfect job is, say “one that pays loads of money and one that I really enjoy”.  I’d say 95% of answers to this question would start in this half joking, half true answer, flippantly putting it out there. But if we are honest with ourselves we really mean it, don’t we?

If we could go to work and do what we do and enjoyed every single minute of it and got paid very handsomely for the same, other than retiring to the Maldives (insert favourite destination of choice here) would any of you say no? “No! I want to strive and work my socks off every day for nothing?!”. Of course, you wouldn’t.

So this begs the question, why is everybody so incensed? These employees do what they love and get paid very well for it, they draw viewers in and keep the BBC current and watchable in the main! There is another article right there at some point, however, I digress. Yes, we the licence payer, pay for it, or would you prefer some random person on £3.50 an hour with no spark, no talent and no opinion? Love them or hate them, people watch them.

So, the point I’m coming to is this, worry about the fact that just two of the £150k+ workers are women, worry about the fact that we are bringing up our children to expect everything for nothing, worry about the fact that we need to teach them that it’s ok to be the best, the highest paid, have a job they love, a job they have worked for, trained for, fought for. Teach them it’s ok to fail and go again, it’s ok to do a complete change of career to follow a dream.

As an employer give me a youngster with social skills, drive, enthusiasm and a fire in their belly to achieve and let them earn a fortune. Good on them, well done those people, you have achieved what we all dream of.

NB before you give me stick I realise that the armed forces, the nurses, paramedics, etc don’t get paid as well for the job they do, but they did sign up for that job. It was their choice to go into that profession. They do a phenomenal job, one which without them we’d all be lost, they deserve more they truly do. I also realise not everyone can achieve their dreams but that’s real life, isn’t it? 

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