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23rd July 2018
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At Haulaway, as well as having a waste carrier’s license ourselves, we also have to make sure that anyone who comes into tip waste at our transfer station has one. Naturally, this is expected of us as a responsible waste and recycling facility however many people don’t realise their own responsibilities and the importance of using a registered waste carrier.

Who needs to be registered?

Anyone who transports someone else’s waste as part of their trade/ business to make money plus tradesmen transporting any rubbish they have created themselves whilst working. This includes any building, demolition or refurbishment rubbish, waste from house clearances or green waste from garden landscapers. It doesn’t matter where the waste is being taken to (own premises, somebody else’s premises or a licensed tip) you must still register for a waste carriers license.

How do you register?

Fortunately, the process of registering is a fairly straightforward and inexpensive one. You need to go onto the Environmental Agency’s website where you will find a form to download. Once this is filled in you will be issued with a waste carriers license and license number and entered into a database. The cost for new registrations is currently £229.00 plus VAT and renewals are £154 plus VAT. The license lasts for three years. Any change in your business details must be notified within 28 days.


What happens if you don’t?

Failure to register for a waste carrier’s license is against the law which will result in a criminal prosecution, a large fine and seizure of the vehicle used to transport the waste. Furthermore, large organisations will usually draw up a contract between their sub-contractors which will require them to comply with the current Environmental law. Failure to hold a waste carriers license will mean a breach of contract.

Why you need to ensure you are using a registered waste carrier

In the eyes of the law, your waste is your responsibility and you have a legal obligation to dispose of it responsibly. If you use a company that doesn’t have a waste carrier’s license it can come back on you, resulting in large fines or even a prison sentence. Ask for the company’s license number then check that it is valid on the EA website.

As the registration process is such an easy one it’s likely that those without a waste carrier’s license have no intention of disposing of the waste responsibly. The government spends around £100m per year dealing with fly-tipping – let’s help to put our tax towards something beneficial and not cowboys!


When waste is not disposed of responsibly it has a negative effect on our environment. It can cause pollution in our rivers which can harm the wildlife in and around them. Soil can become contaminated by harmful chemicals. This includes the soil that grows the vegetables we then go on to eat!

Health Hazard

Waste disposed of irresponsibly will be a risk to anyone using or within the area containing the waste. Especially as it is likely the waste has been fly-tipped somewhere unexpected. Hazards include sharp objects lying around and hazardous waste such as asbestos being exposed. Of course, consuming vegetables containing chemicals also pose a high risk to our health!

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