22nd September 2021
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It's important that we keep checking that our first aid supplies are in date, in good condition and replenished once items have been used.
Whether you've bought one of our award winning Mini First Aid Kits or have your own already, you want to be certain that your kit is ready when you need it.
We know how easy it is to see your first aid supplies start to drop. A wipe used ton a cut knee, a plaster on a finger, a bandaged hand and before you know it that first aid kit isn't quite as ready to use as it was before.
That's why we've added individual first aid supplies to our online store so whether you need to restock your plasters, are running out of wipes or lost your roll of bandage you can top up your first aid kit when you need it.
Check out our online store at minifirstaideastsussex.square.site
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