What is The CleverGreen Festival?
16th August 2018
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CleverGreen Group are on a mission to bring you a grass roots community festival that will show you just how easy it is to live a sustainable lifestyle.

How it all started.

The CleverGreen Festival 2019 is the project of Jo Child, founder of CleverGreen Group. “For a long time now I have been interested in changing our planet for the better, through raising awareness and inspiring people to adapt their lifestyles one small change at a time. In my previous business Discerning Events I discovered that my passion truly lied with green events and as a result I re-branded and made everything I do now about greener living. The festival is designed to bring together businesses and individuals from all sectors, creating a haven in which every aspect of your lifestyle can be shown to have potential for change. We are committed to making this festival as zero waste as possible without any single use plastic allowed on site”

Building a Passionate Team.

The popularity of the idea of this festival is such, that Jo already has twelve dedicated volunteers on her team, passionate about bringing their collective skills together to make the event a huge success.

Moya Galal, voluntary PR consultant for the festival said, “supporting the festival team is a wonderful opportunity to develop a PR campaign for a fun, ethical and compassionate celebration of all the exciting green innovations designed to save our planet for future generations. What can be more important?

The festival will work closely with the local community and will be providing many opportunities for involvement. Stallholder spaces will be available and Jo is currently looking for sponsorship. “Sponsorship of this festival will really help us achieve all that we want to, to make it an efficient and very well run event. Sponsors and stallholders can contact Jo Child via email at jo@clevergreengroup.com

Team member Mason from The Greener Than Green Project sums up the passion that is shared by the team in just one sentence. Simply, he says the festival’s aim is  “to leave only footprints and take away beautiful memories” Of his project, he says, “The Greener Than Green Project are a dedicated team of earth loving individuals working as one to keep planet earth greener and even more beautiful for the benefit of everyone while trying to move towards a more harmonious and sustainable existence for us, them, and everything on our beautiful planet” They achieve their mission through their voluntary work at outdoor events, through the safe disposal of refuge and recycling.

Romi Bobkova is another member and her company is bringing a greener way to clean in people’s homes with her eco friendly cleaning company. “At Magic Pixies Eco Cleaning Company we believe that we can achieve beautifully clean homes with natural eco-friendly products (some of which we make ourselves) that are perfectly safe for the environment. I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of this team that is putting on something so amazing, something that will change not only my own life but everyone else who participates and attends no doubt”

Stephanie Crechriou of DidiDIY is fully supportive of the festival and has worked with Jo on many previous events including Sustainable Living Fair. Of her involvement she says “I am fully committed to CleverGreen festival because I’m all for sustainability and team effort. We are only borrowing earth and time. We must leave a decent planet to live on, for our children and our grandchildren. With my social enterprise DdidDIY, we aim to educate, empower people and have a positive impact, teaching interior home improvement skills to the community and through this we actively promote upcycling and zero waste”

Plans for a memorable and enjoyable event.

The festival clearly has an important message but Jo is keen to highlight that fun is also a top priority. “We want people to have a great time and will have lots of entertainment throughout the day, from interactive stalls, workshops and live music, to the biggest swishing (clothes swapping arena) that Brighton has seen! We want people to go away from the festival feeling like they’ve had the best time whilst also learning about the environment and leaving with a desire to change”

Further details of this festival can be found at - website

CleverGreen Group.

CleverGreen Group are a platform for inspiring sustainable living and greener business practice. They offer business membership which provides benefits such as discounted event tickets, a page on their website, discounts from other members and more. To find out about everything that CleverGreen Group are about and the rest of their upcoming projects and events, please visit their website or follow them on social media. Facebook: CleverGreen Group Twitter: @clevergreenjo

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