What Is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
30th August 2021
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It’s a misconception that hypnosis can make you say or do things against your will, this is usually taken from watching stage hypnosis.

A lot of people associate Hypnotherapy with giving up smoking, weight loss or stage entertainment, one of the first questions I get is “can you make me cluck like a chicken. However, there are many serious problems that it has been known to help such as, Lack of self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Anger/Anxiety/stress, Depression, Fears and Phobias and many other issues that are psychological in origin.

My name is Jason Langley, I am a Solution focused l Hypnotherapist from Polegate, East Sussex.

Hypnotherapy is a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis, and whilst psychotherapy is extremely beneficial its effects are enhanced by the application of hypnosis, which enables the subconscious mind to make vital changes for the clients benefit.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a type of talking therapy that helps the client to focused on the present and future.

It focuses on what clients want to achieve through therapy rather than on the problem(s) that made them to seek help.

The approach does not focus on the past, but instead, focuses on the present and future.

As the therapist I use a considerate interest to help the client to see their preferred future and then together we start to apply small steps to get them to reach this future self. I ask many questions on how they will achieve this small step and how it will change their life.

This approach is good for clients as we do not ask our clients anything about their past, many of my client’s have commented on how this is good for them as they do not want to go over the past again. 

In fact, clients often comment about how ordinary hypnosis feels, it felt like I am asleep, you can hear everything that’s being said whilst being in a deeply relaxed state.

It is important if you choose to enter a contract with a Hypnotherapist that you ensure they are adequately qualified and registered with a membership organisation with one of them being General Hypnotherapy Register.

For more information or to arrange a free initial consultation contact Jason through text, WhatsApp, email, Facebook or my website. www.jplhypnotherapy.co.uk.

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