What is OneDrive and why should my business be using it?
19th March 2019
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Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based service that provides you with on-line space to securely store files. The business version is included as part of several Office 365 subscriptions.

You can log into the Office 365 website using your own user name and password and quickly upload or download files.

As well as the website,  you can use the OneDrive app on your PC. Connect the app to your Office 365 account and it will constantly synchronise the files on the website down to your computer.

You can then edit the files on your computer and any changes you make automatically sync to the cloud and vice versa.  The app is great for mobile working because there is always a copy of the files on your laptop even if you don’t have an internet connection. Edit and create files on the train then when you connect to the internet those files automatically upload to the cloud.

OneDrive avoids many of the traditional problems associated with sharing files with colleagues – bulky files emailed back and forth, multiple versions, duplicate files, and so on.

Here’s our quick guide into using OneDrive.

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