What is a copywriter and why do I need one?
6th August 2020
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Many moons ago, a very famous marketing bloke named Gary Halbert said:

"There is no business problem -- or any problem, really -- that can't be solved with a really good sales letter".

Nowadays this can be applied to websites, or emails, or social media posts, but the same principle is still true.

A good sales letter or piece of marketing successfully persuades one person to do one thing for you.

- You can turn on a tap of inbound leads with a sales letter.

- A charity can do more fundraising with a quality sales letter.

- Heck, you can sell yourself with a love letter (or Tinder message) to someone you fancy.

Which shows that the right words have the power to give you whatever you want in life.

For us, that's usually - more customers. Peace of mind, the ability to plan for the future, and GROW our business.

And this is what a copywriter can help you with.

But it's more than just being a word junky, producing endless 'content'.

A good copywriter looks at your business, understands what you're trying sell (and say), and explains it in a way your prospects will buy into - all tied up with a bow of words and marketing magic.

So, if you find writing about what you do is a chore, or if you struggle and don’t have the time or patience to produce marketing copy that sells what you do - hire someone like me, to do it for you.

Whether it's:

- Direct mail and sales letters
- Website text
- Sales and landing pages
- Email newsletters
- Cold email outreach
- Blog post content
- or leaflets

...if you're using words to promote what you do, you can probably squeeze more sales potential from your marketing spend, by working with a copywriter.

Still not convinced?

Try me out for yourself.

Here on thebestof I've got a free copywriting critique offer.

Let me take a look over what you've got and to see if I can spot ways that it could be improved.

Again, it's free, so you've got nothing to lose - but potentially new customers to gain. Drop me an email  or call me today on 01424 307037

Don't lose out.


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