What factors to consider when booking a function room for an event
2nd February 2012
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When you’re looking to book a venue for any reason there are many things to take into consideration but any quality venue will normally take the time to meet with you and explain everything in detail.

To help you we have put together a few suggestions that you may want to consider.

Having used the Afton Hotel myself for our regular tweetup's and evening events with the members of thebestof I have always been impressed by Marco's attention to detail and ability to accommodate us.

I strongly recommend you pay a visit to the Afton Hotel as they are extremely flexible and able to accommodate unto 150 guests!


It’s highly recommended to check the availability of your venue prior to any other arrangements. It would be highly disheartening to put hours of effort into getting everything arranged only to find that your venue is not available on the date!

Directions + Parking

Is the venue easy or difficult to find? Even if you know exactly where it is will your guests? Are they from out of town or locals? Does the postcode work when used in Sat Nav or is there paid parking? you may need to inform your guests to bring change for. You would hate for your guests to get a parking ticket or worse. Will there be enough space to accommodate all the guests’ cars?


Does your venue have appropriate licences such as a civil wedding licence what about a liquor licence and serving time? If the wedding venue does hold the correct civil wedding licence, make sure to inquire about the contact details of the registrar.


Will your event be the only one on the date, or are multiple events booked on the prospective date? If another event is going on how will the venue keep the parties separated? You would not like your guests to vanish and perhaps even strangers take their place.


Will your venue provide in-house catering, or provide a list of caterers for your event? If you are proving the food yourself how will this be stored before serving? Do it yourself food may seem the cheap option but you will more than likely be busy with other things to worry about chips and dip!

Venue decoration

What sort of occasion are you putting on? Will the venue decorate to your requirements? How much time will you need to take into consideration setting up before the guests arrive and how much help you will need?


Does your venue provide overnight accommodation for guests that require staying overnight? Can you secure preferential rates for a group booking rather than leaving it up to your guests? Will the venue be able to offer extended services to you if your considered residents?

Noise limits

Some venues will adhere to noise limits, meaning there’s a cap on your music volume. If you like to have your music loud and want to turn the music up full blast, make sure you hire a venue that can accommodate your wishes. Also be sure that you will not be causing a disturbance when leaving the venue if you are in a residential area you would not like to get a reputation for being a public nuisance.

There is more to consider but we can only hope your chosen venue will answer them all in full. Here is wishing you the best of success for your coming event.

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