What Does Your Business Card Say About You?
23rd March 2021
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The time for meeting friends and loved ones is fast approaching.

It also means that the time when we’re able to meet and network with potential customers and business contacts is also just around the corner.

So it’s pretty important that you’re all set for when you strike up those great conversations.

You need to be remembered in all the right ways.

So many business owners give the wrong first impression by having poor (or mediocre at best) businesses cards.

That’s why we’re visiting a previous Tip to make sure this often forgotten piece of marketing is sorted now, before it’s too late.

You see, the basic rules of business never change. Perception is still everything.

And now is the right time to make sure your card is set up to help your business – not hinder it.

If you want to be perceived as a leader, a winner, a person to do business with, then your business card has to be very convincing. Your business card is possibly your most prolific print marketing piece.

Does yours demand attention?

Or does it cause you to be forgotten?

Or worse?

Think about it. What sort of impression do you get from others’ business cards? Cheap and flimsy cards make their carriers look unprofessional and amateur.

“Are these guys serious?” you wonder on some sub-conscious level.

You need to get your cards designed and produced by professionals. It’s a lot cheaper than you think and when done properly can make even the smallest businesses look like a major player.

And it’s much less costly than a bad impression. And don’t skimp on printing costs. It’s amazing how many companies will spend the money to have very nice business cards designed, only to get the cheapest, lowest-quality printing. The card is ruined. Don’t make this mistake!

Your card has to say something. It should scream, “Pay attention! I’m better than everybody else. You need to do business with me!”

Must-haves for your card

Too many companies don’t think about how to use their cards when they do business. Think about it and you’ll see that yours must include:

Functionality - What are people thinking when they produce cards you can’t contact them with?! Phone number, email and website are a must.

Your message - A hard-hitting tagline that speaks to your audience and differentiates you is vital. Your card has to say who you are and your USP!

Corporate email and URL - You need a grown up email address and domain name. Not Yahoo!, not Gmail. A real honest to goodness domain name for your business.

Social media - Your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are essential, and maybe even your blog URL. Send the message that you’re an active participant in how business is getting done today.

Business cards can be a powerful tool, or a liability. Which one is yours?

Want someone from the outside to give your card some honest feedback on how it portrays you and your business? Just give us a call.


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