What are the Top 10 Tasks you have completed during the lockdown?
10th April 2020
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We asked in our Facebook Group, "what are the tasks people had been working on during lockdown?"

We have some interesting additions to the list such as:

  • Baking, cakes bread and croissants
  • Get rid of old statements & unnecessary paper work
  • Stripped motorbike down, cleaned and re-built
  • Hoovered the Dog

However, these are our current Top 3 and we would love for you to contribute to the Poll in our group by Clicking Here to vote.

  1. Clean out kitchen cupboards
  2. Hoover Behind the Sofa
  3. Weed out your Borders

It was also suggested we should look up the poem by Rose MilliganDust if you must. You can see this bellow


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