Welbeing’s most frequently asked telecare questions
9th December 2015
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Welbeing offers a range of assisted technology solutions to give people peace of mind that their loved ones are safe at home and able to access help when they need it.  The service is easy to set up and provides the customer with a pendant to enable the customer to call Welbeing for help if they have suffered an accident, or have a health episode which requires urgent medical attention.

Telecare has been around for a good few years but many people are not aware of it until they start to look into things that can help their older relative or themselves stay safe in their own home. Here are our most frequently asked telecare questions:

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost for rental of the pendant and alarm base unit is £15.96 per month, with a one off set up installation fee of £37.

Q: What do I get for my monthly fee?

A: Your monthly fee covers the rental, monitoring and maintenance of your pendant and base unit. This equipment gives you 24 hour access, 365 days-a-year to Welbeing’s contact centre team.

Q: How is the Welbeing lifeline unit installed? 

A: Installing the unit is quick and easy with no mess and no fuss. It can be located virtually anywhere in your home. You will need a telephone line with a modern phone socket and an electrical socket close by (within two metres) and the unit uses the existing telephone line, your pendant is battery operated.

Q: What happens when I press the red button on my lifeline unit or pendant?

A: When you press the red button, it places a telephone call through to our contact centre and alerts the team to provide assistance, even if we cannot hear you. When the operator accepts your call their computer will display your details including name, address, doctor, keyholder and next of kin information as well as any relevant medical information. Our operator will talk to you via the loudspeaker and microphone in the base unit to establish what has happened and agree the best course of action. If appropriate they will stay on the line with you until help arrives. If the emergency service (police, fire or ambulance) are called, your next of kin will be informed unless you request otherwise. No call will be cancelled until the operator is sure the call has been dealt with appropriately.

Q: What happens if I cannot hear you or speak to you?

A: Don't worry, if we have received a call and do not get a response, we will telephone you back immediately. If you do not respond to that call, Welbeing’s operator will have all the information they need in order to send help and will ask one of your nominated key holders to visit you and check you are safe and well. If you have no local contacts the operator will call the emergency services. We will never cancel a call until our operator is sure it has been dealt with appropriately.

Q: Will my unit work if there is a power cut?

A: Yes. Your pendant is battery operated and your base unit has a built-in battery back-up so it will continue to work for up to 24 hours without mains power.

Q: What information will you hold on me?

A: Details Welbeing will hold on you will include all information you provide when you sign-up to the servicesuch as any existing health conditions, the name and contact details for your GP and details of your nominated key holders and next of kin.

Q: Can I get my pendant wet?

A: The pendant is water-proof and can be worn in the shower but it is recommended that you take it off when you have a bath and keep in nearby.

Q: What is a KeySafe?

A: A KeySafe is a small box that can be fitted to your property and is designed to securely store a spare set of house keys for use in the event of an emergency.  KeySafes are secured with a unique combination code and could be fitted to a garage, a porch or another location out of clear view. If the emergency services need to access your property, the Welbeing team can provide your personal keysafe code to those attending so they can access your home safely without delay or any damage being caused by forced entry.

For more information contact Welbeing on 01323 458137 or visit welbeing.org.uk 

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