Want to know how to get your emails OPENED?
1st December 2020
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There’s an average of 121 emails dropping into each of our inboxes every day!

So getting people to open (and take notice of) your content is more difficult than ever.
BUT.. there’s a cool tool I want to share with you that will turn your passive ‘scroll by-ers’ into active admirers.

It’s called NIFTY Images…

In simple terms, NIFTY allows you to add personalised images and LIVE countdown timers into your emails that really make people stop and take notice. It’s super simple to use AND… the best bit? It’s FREE!

It’ll give your images a real personal touch by adding details such as the first name, date of birth, their address or even the names of children, pets and more. All of your contacts’ attributes can be included to create a truly bespoke image that will massively increase the chances of people taking notice and taking action.

And here’s some more good news – it’s nice and simple to set up. Here’s a video to show you how easy it is…

When you check out this tool be sure to let us know what you like best about it!

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