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6th June 2015
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WELL my "page prompt" tells me "The Psychy Poet" hasn't posted for 6 days, SO:----

STILL very exciting times,.. My "requested to write" poem "Best of the Best" for The Best of Eastbourne has been put on their web site & thus on mine (thebestofeastbourne The Psychy Poet)

I AM still writing new poems (8 since in France x 15 days), a couple of emotive poems regarding my involvements & adventures.......(wouldn't you like to know ??? LOL.... will be in Book 3)


RETURNING to UK next week I look forward to my/our first "new to & intro to modern poetry" at Cornfield T House on 14th June @ 14. 30, followed by the same at Leaf Hall Arts & Community Centre on 24 June @ 19. 30

YUP, am still having a ball with all of this, selling more books thus raising & donating more for Help for Heroes

Chuffing cheers and thanks again for all terrific feedback & support

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