Update on last weekend's Operation Blitz activity
26th January 2019
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PCSOs Honey, Clarke and PC Willsher were on Hi-vis Blitz patrols. The evening was chilly and saw the start of our patrols around the Morrisons car park area where there have been previous reports of anti-social behaviour from boy racers in the car park area underneath the store. On this occasion there were only two cars that left upon our arrival.

We then moved onto the Iden Street area where previous reports of youths had been climbing on the garage roofs, but there was nothing to report at this time. The areas of Hampden Park in general were given attention too with nothing to report.

There were reports of youths hanging around the Archery Youth Club causing a nuisance and acting in an anti-social manner intimidating some other youths attending the club. We attended the area to give reassurance.

Moving onto Milfoil Drive there were no youths hanging around. Etchingham Road was then given attention to where it was very quiet and we moved on to Royal Sussex Crescent area where we paid passing attention to all the surrounding areas including the YMCA.

Gildredge Park was patrolled throughout the shift and nothing to report.

On Saturday evening the Op Blitz team were kept relatively busy. As well as the routine patrols of all theanti socialbehaviour hot spots there was an 18th Birthday party at the Community Hall on Etchingham Road. We are happy to report however that all theparty goersbehaved themselves and we had no reports come in regarding the party from the general public.Hopefullyeveryone had a good time.

In Shinewater there were reports of another party with some individuals not being so well behaved. A group of youths climbed over the gates into the Causeway school grounds and caused a nuisance as well as disturbing several residents on the estate. Police attended and dispersed the group. The good news coming out of this was it led to one of thegroup, who was outstanding as a wanted person for a separate matter, being identified and arrested.

Finallythe Op Blitz team were flagged down intowncentre by security staff at The London and County who had a male inside trying to use fake notes. The team were aware of some ongoing issues around the use of fake notes from the district briefing so detained the male until help arrived from the neighbourhood response team. This led to further leads and another arrest.

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