Top ten home security tips for Eastbourne
7th April 2014
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The impact of a burglary can have a profound effect on victims and many describe it as a robbery or an invasion of their home; terms that actually relate to acts on a person not a property. 

Inspector Damien Funnell of the Eastbourne Neighbourhood Policing Team said "Whilst the overall crime rates remain low I would urge all residents and business owners to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to Sussex Police on 101. If you think a crime is about to happen or is in progress please dial 999.”

There are simple tips that you can do to protect your home:

1. Use an automatic time switch on an indoor light, either in a room that cannot be peered into from the road, or upstairs. Regularly change the timing on the switch.

2. Put a time switch on a radio that has been tuned to a chat station, this will give the impression that the house is occupied. Regularly change the timing on the switch.

3. Join the Eastbourne Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch acts as the eyes and ears of the community.  As a result, it has shown that these areas are far less likely to be targeted by criminals

4. Keysafes can provide great security for anyone who requires multiple visitors but has difficulty getting to the door - no more keys under the mat and no more doors left on the latch.  Make sure the code as hard for an unauthorised person to guess as possible e.g. not birth years, not consecutive numbers such as 1,2,3,4.  Also never give out the key safe code to anyone other than the authorised responder.

5. Fit security lighting, either dusk to dawn energy efficient lighting that will come on automatically as dusk sets in, or brighter passive infrared activated lighting drawing attention to movement.

6. Recent years have seen a rise in outdoor thefts, with burglars targeting sheds and outbuildings that are not alarmed. A weather-proof padlock will deter burglars and keep any belongings inside locked away safe.

7. Trim overgrown plants - don't give burglars a hiding place.

8. Property-mark your valuables by using your postcode and your house number or name. Some articles are unsuitable for marking so photograph them - with a ruler in view to show scale.

9. Intruder alarms are an effective deterrent against burglars. Before choosing a system ensure it is the one most suitable for your needs

10. If someone comes to your door it is advised to look through the ‘spy hole’ and put on the chain to avoid accidentally opening the door to a burglar.

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