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26th March 2018
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My post on Facebook about BestOf Eastbourne

There’s a national local marketing brand called thebestof, which I knew quite well years ago when I was in business. It’s good but there is a but, and that is it works when the local franchise owner works like hell to build it up. In my experience, some did and some didn’t - Twas ever thus!

Well. Locally I first met the (then) new owner of BestOf Eastbourne, David Ruddle, just after I was elected in 2010. And folks; he ‘is’ a worker. Bestof Eastbourne is now one of the most successful parts of the organisation across the whole of the South of England.

Well done David.

We had a catch-up today and he updated me on his latest community scheme which introduces local charities to Eastbourne and thebestof clients.

It’s called #CharityOfTheDay.

Click on the link if you want to know more: Become thebestof Eastbourne Charity of the day!

And if you run a small business and want to learn how thebestof might help your business grow, then David can be contacted on

He’s a nice guy who I’ve known for a good few years. Passionate about our town and his members, which makes sense to me.....

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