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15th March 2018
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When it comes to networking, the first moments of meeting someone are crucial. They are the moments that we assess our value to their business and vice versa. Here at the thebestof Eastbourne, helping people boost their business is our speciality, and the right networking environment is essential in order for this to happen.

We believe that forging relationships is a two-way street, both businesses need to contribute to one another in order to maximise mutual ROI. This is especially important to businesses that are in the early stages of their growth.

Having been a member of BNI years ago their philosophy was "Givers Gain" and that is true so long as you are asking the right questions. There are dozens of articles and formulas out there, but I hope the following suggestions will help you craft a suitable "elevator pitch".

“An Elevator Pitch? What’s that?”

An Elevator Pitch was given its name due to its being a pitch so succinct that it can be delivered within the time span of an elevator ride. Getting your elevator pitch just right is an art and can take time to perfect, but once perfected, it makes for a powerful networking tool.

The most common form of 60 second round is the business breakfast. These dedicated "early birds" are up and out there getting business done over breakfast all over the country committed to building relationships to encourage the all-important 3rd party referral.

“The thought of networking makes me very uncomfortable”

Don’t worry if you find public speaking nerve wrecking, it's not something we enjoy doing and being out of your comfort zone will benefit you in the long term.

Provided you have developed your 60 seconds this should become a natural presentation allowing you to listen to others for opportunities you can help them rather than focusing on "What should I say?"

See our blog on Developing your Elevator Pitch for some of our top networking tips!

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