Starting your own Business in Eastbourne?
21st September 2018
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Congratulations you have taken the plunge and become your own boss… depending on how far you are on your entrepreneurial journey you may have discovered it is not exactly what you had in mind. Between the long hours and stress, there will be lots of skills you did not know you needed. That being said the rewards and opportunities are fantastic to the business owners that accept they can’t do or know it all.

Been there done that…

Some of the best advice I can pass on to any new business is outsourcing the jobs YOU do not personally need to carry out. This may seem silly in the early days when cash flow may be tight but spending hours trying to learn a new skill will only prevent you from using the skills that will earn you the money you need to fund your new life.

It is also very worthwhile mapping out your vision and the plan for your business. Getting your business plan in Eastbourne just right makes everything else you do so much easier. This does not have to be absolute but if you don’t know where you are going how will you know you are even on the right road?

Think about it if you were heading from Eastbourne to Birmingham and you suddenly see signs for Portsmouth or Wales… You know by plotting the route what landmarks or roads you should be on. So heading to the M25, M40 and M42 you know any other roads are taking you in the wrong direction but and this is the biggie. I say this speaking from experience, schedule rest stops. Your most precious resource is you and your business will struggle if you are not in peak condition. Allowing yourself time to rest will ensure you can make informed decisions knowing you are not exhausted and potentially suffering impaired judgment.

There is help at hand 

Should you find that you are struggling with brand recognition in Eastbourne or low traffic to your website, both are common problems to businesses and something we can help with. Ask us about our Business Marketing MOT, there is no cost to this but if we inspire you we welcome you buy the coffee! If we don’t then coffee is on us.

Being flexible (The Yoga of Business)

When I took over thebestof Eastbourne in 2011 I had a very different view to what it is now. I had a service that I wanted Eastbourne businesses to take on… this was fine but it made my business rather inflexible and not every business wanted what I had to offer. So I stopped telling people what I would do for them and started listening to what they needed help with. Creating bespoke solutions making use of the skills I had in abundance that others could utilise.

Be solution focused

This had an amazingly positive impact on my business as I had moved from a service to a solution. Also, this was much more in line with what I loved doing most, problem-solving! This also brought about why I now market myself as the Marketing Director your business can afford. My clients (business members) have access to the idea factory in my head and by telling me the problem in most instances I can come up with a solution. These are not always marketing related but rather who to help with a range of problems.

Invest in your brand, invest in you!

When I was younger my mother worked for a contraction company and I would go there after school. The theme throughout the planning department was “get it right first time” after all it is the early days that set the standard for your business future. So don’t cut too many corners as this is a tough habit to break!

Having good quality photos and graphics can really help you stand out for the right reasons and avoid that “new kid on the block” look. Using poorly cropped holiday snaps and clipart presentations won't help in making a good impression and if you are worried about cost think of what Red Adair had to say on the matter. “If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”


Listen out for which business books are helpful and keep learning! Spend a little time each day making sure you are at the top of your game so if you have to go head to head with your competition your USP and skills are on hand to dazzle your prospective client!

Making the right connections

In the early days, it can be difficult to balance all the things you want but something worth investing the time in... making the right connections. So many business networking opportunities out there but don’t be quick to commit if a network is putting pressure on you to join be 100% you are joining because it is the right network for you.

Being part of the wrong business network can be time-consuming with having to factor in regular meetings and additional coffees to explore possibilities, spending more and more time putting in effort in hopes of a positive result.

As I said earlier having a roadmap for your business will give you the clarity you need when deciding if the network will take you where you want to be. If you feel your business could do with some help in creating connections, growing your brand and of course benefiting from creative marketing ideas, I would love to hear from you. Give me a call on 01323 458125 or email me and we can arrange a mutually agreeable time to meet and talk marketing in Eastbourne!

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