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19th March 2019
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If your using a dumb password, and that’s the only thing between you and your online data, you will be a victim.

Billions of passwords are sold to cyber criminals on a daily basis the world over and if your ‘one password fits all’ makes it onto there, you can bet its only a short matter of time before you have a digital nightmare on your hands.

But I can’t possibly remember multiple different passwords, let alone complex ones?

The good news is, you don’t have to.

Use a password manager (even the NCSC recommend you do) and it will do all the leg work for you. It will generate complex passwords automatically and save them in its database, then when you visit the website it automatically fills in your details. This is seen as a risk by some, but this risk is smaller than using passwords you can remember. Password Managers have a mobile app so you can access from any device you own and activated with a fingerprint or face ID, for example.

Some brief history on passwords

As the years have gone by, what might have been passable as secure 15 years ago, just simply isn’t anymore.

For example: password1 can be cracked/broken into within 0.29 seconds – pretty scary huh!

However, Password! Increases the crack time to 35 minutes.

Obviously we don’t recommend you use either of those examples, but it shows how a simple change can make the hackers life harder

OK, so what kind of password SHOULD I be using?

Quite simply, if you’re using over 8 characters, with a mixture of upper, lower, numbers and special, plus it isn’t an actual ‘single use’ word in the dictionary, you’re on the right track. A password management tool will create a jumble of letters, numbers and symbols that make absolutely no sense to anyone and this is about as secure as you can get – the longer the password, the longer it takes to crack.

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