Secure Shredding and Recycling for Polegate in Sussex
22nd September 2017
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We were very pleased to hear that there is going to be a BestOf Polegate and we would certainly love to provide our services to more customers in Polegate.

Polegate is often overshadowed by much bigger Eastbourne, just down the road (five miles away in fact) and shares with Eastbourne the development of the railways in 1840, which healed to create modern Eastbourne & Polegate.

Polegate however, was in its heyday a major rail junction with a line through to Hailsham, important for transporting bricks and ropes, both of which were made in and around Hailsham, and which used the Polegate junction to access the mainline.

Although it sometimes seems a bit sleepy we have several client’s, both in the High Street and on the Chaucer Business Park, and elsewhere close to Polegate. There are many thriving businesses in Polegate, about 20 on the Chaucer Business Park including a gym, fabricators, accountants, insurers and food businesses to name but a few.

Probably best known for its Windmill, it also has the lovely Quaker-run Bernard Baron Homes in lovely grounds and who look after the elderly and have been there for over 70 years, so Polegate has its own very special place in history,

We started supply confidential waste destruction to our first customer in Polegate about 4 years ago, and our initial monthly visits have increased and we have a collection round coming through Polegate pretty much every week these days. 

We can also take away any baled cardboard or clear packaging plastics free of charge as well, which a lot of business don’t know we can provide, as well as out well-know electrical and electronic equipment recycling service.

We hope businesses will find some of our current offers interesting and our guys look forward to visiting Polegate more often.

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