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3rd December 2014
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To begin with, Seasoning

What so we mean by seasoning in relation to social media?  It starts with your website as the main hub / store of your online content.  Whether written, photo or video – you should be thinking in advance about what each season will hold for your business in terms of #socialmedia / social opportunities.

This time of year illustrates classically the theory behind a seasonal social media calendar.

A retailer will never have a static shop display.  The display will always change according to key social events throughout the year – and right now we are talking Christmas.  Christmas presents us all with great opportunities to create content, engage with new people and raise our profile. 

So your business may not be a Christmas focused business, you may for example be a home improvements business that is quiet in December.  This does not stop you from using social media wisely to produce great socially themed, seasonal content to continue to attract interest.


Once seasoned and cooked, get ready to plate up!

You’ve considered your content, it could be a blog or an offer which relates to a seasonable theme or objective, you have considered visuals to enhance it - now it needs to be served so as many people as possible get to enjoy it and you get the best ROI.

Content should have pride and place on your website – which is your ever moving shop front.  From here you need to use social media as your flurry of waiters delivering your delicious content to your customers from your website.

Using social media to push content out, will drive back traffic to the source which is your website.  Why is this important? SEO!

What can you cook up for 2015?

Yes December is hectic for everyone.  But do find that hour to start thinking now about when the champagne has fizzled away and we wake up early January ready for a bright New Year.  A simple year planner can help you map out the key social events, your local key events and other important dates to ensure you plan your content well for the Year ahead.

Seasons greetings from Ditzy Media!

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