Result of EU referendum
27th June 2016
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The country has been clear it wants to leave the EU and the result must be recognised and respected. Now is the time to make sure the negotiations are effective and in the best interests of this country’s future. This next period is very significant to the fortunes of both the UK and the EU and there may yet be further developments.

I thank the Prime Minister for his leadership and the fact that he delivered this referendum and I’m sorry he felt he had to resign.

I’m pleased with the result but recognise it is certainly a tumultuous one and I completely understand that some people will be upset and concerned about the future.

But I believe that Britain will be successful outside of the EU institutions and that it’s good to have full control of our destiny. As the Prime Minister said, Britain’s economy is strong and there are plans in place to stabilise the ship.

I now hope the European Union recognises it must undertake wholesale reform if it is to survive. It is not just Britain that feels this way, other countries and millions of people across the continent share this view.

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